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Doctoral Theses

Doctoral Theses (2010)

Each title is linked to the thesis abstract in Japanese.

MAEDA, Kenichiro Genesis of ethnicity in Chatham Islands,New Zealand : case studies of indigenous legal struggles toward recognition
LI, QuanpengEnvironmental education in China : on analysis of the green school project and a comparative study with Japanese environmental education
KUMASHIRO, Takehiko Youth education in Japan(1920-40s) : pedagogical re-contextualization of military methods
IVANOVA, TSVETOMIRA HRISTOVAE-Learning Aimed at New Hires in Japanese Companies
FUKADA, Juntaro-
SEBATA, Hajime Study on formation process of symbolic emperor system : focus on relationship between Imperial household and mass media
NINOMIYA, Gen The new right in Britain : neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism
TANABE (MINOWA), Akiko The formation and development of the modern Japanese "ie" system : 1880's-1920's
KINOSHITA, Emi Teachers' life in the context of modern education : life histories of pedagogical change in east Germany
LEE, RIKANational and transnational identity of Koreans in Hawai'i, 1903-1945
ABE, Rika Reinterpretation on the private in Hannah Arendt : continuance of the self and world alienation to be based on negativity
OGAWA, Masaru Study on modernism in consumer goods design after WWII in Japan : its relation to postmodern
KUMASAKA, Motohiro Inquiry into the self,not only nature : the role of environmental ethics and liberal conservation
SUGI, Takeshi A cultural history of astrology in Tokugawa Japan
TAKABAYASHI, Kumiko The study of the prejudice toward communal women and agentic women by the women who balance work with family life
ISHIBASHI, YutoRoyal observatory Greenwich in modern Britain : from finding the longitude to disseminating time signals
SASAKI, Ryuji Exploring Marx's theory of reification : Marx as a thinker of the "stoff"
Zulueta, Johanna OrgilesA Place of Intersecting Movements: A Look at “Return” Migration and “Home” in the Context of the “Occupation” of Okinawa

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