Fostering critical thinking and broad horizons


The Graduate School of Social Sciences has two academic divisions; Social Sciences and Global Issues. Both divisions have a master course (MA) and a doctoral course (Ph.D.).

Graduate students in the Social Sciences division, also known as the Institute for the Study of Social Sciences, are expected to acquire the advanced knowledge and methodologies for each area of study such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology, social psychology, political sciences and history; they are also encouraged to expand their theoretical and methodological scope by incorporating ideas and information from academic fields besides their specialization.

The Global Issues division, also known as the Institute for the Study of Global Issues, focuses on real-world problems. It follows three basic principles: an issue-focused methodology, solution-oriented analysis and de-Eurocentric thinking. The Institute is a founding member of the Global Studies Consortium (, and its Masters and PhD courses were the world's first graduate courses in global studies.

Titles and abstracts of Masters and Doctoral thesis submitted to the Graduate School are available in English.
Information on studying at the Graduate School of Social Sciences is available in Japanese.