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Doctoral Theses

Doctoral Theses (2005)

Each title is linked to the thesis abstract in Japanese.

Yamanaka-Abe, Saeko-
MIZUNO, Yumiko-
SHIMOSATO, Toshiyuki-
FUJIOKA, Hiromi-
IKAWA, Mitsuo-
TAKAGI, Tomoyo-
TORIYAMA, Atsushi-
MAEDA, Hiroki-
NORITAKE, Yuuichi-
MURATA, Norio-
TU, Nien Tzu-
Sunipa Dev-
OSHIMA, Hajime-
MORI, Chikako-
HUANG, Ying Lian-
MIYASHITA, SaoriHow did Japanese working-class men accept the male breadwinner norm?
YAMAMURO, NobutakaUp and down the magic mountain : Thomas Mann's novel Der Zauberberg and the spiritual histoy of democracy
YAMAGUCHI, KoichiShrine policy and society in colonial korea
YOSHINO, KojiP.A.Sorokin's integral sociology:A convergence between religious and secular values
SHIN, Chang U-
KOBAYASHI, MaikoPolitical thought of king James VI of Scotland 1566-1603:Images of the ideal King
IIZASA, Sayoko The politics of citizenship:Structures of inclusion and exclusion in multicultural Australia
KONNO, JunSocial change and collective action in modern China:workplace and the cultural revolution in Shanghai 1949-1969
HAYASHI, KojiHistorical development of finance company in inner China:Banking,modernity and Socialism in Chongqing: 1915-1953
HONG, JiwonMigrants as corporate warriors:The labor migration development in Korea during the Vietnam War
XU, Shou TnogEducation for Koreans in Northeast China, 1906-1920: The Development of secondary education for Koreans in Kando and the intervention by Japan and China
YANAGAWA, JunichiThe relation between Government and company, and the role of industry organization:Case studies of the Japanese oil industry under deregulation in 1990,s
SASAKI, TakaoNew phase of health service system for the elderly in Japan:Mainly on prevention function
YAMAMOTO, MayumiCharacteristics of the Swedish pension reform and next issue
TSUZAKI, Katsuhiko In engineer of information technology services industry in contemporary Japan:employment relationship, work and skill formation
SHIRASE, YumikaThe relationship between health and medicine under the national health service in Britain:A case study on Birmingham until the 1960s
VITUCCI, FrancescoProducer-Consumer relations in Postmodern Society

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