Hitotsubashi Researchers Information:
Graduate School of Social Sciences

● indicates faculty members in the Institute for the Study of Social Sciences.
○ indicates faculty members in the Institute for the Study of Global Issues.

Sociological Studies
KIKUTANI, Kazuhiro Professor History of Sociology, Social Theory  
SATOH, Keiichi Assistant Professor Political Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Social Network Analysis, Quantitative Methods Web Site
SUDO, Naoki Professor Quantitative Methods, Mathematical Sociology, Social Stratification  
TADA, Osamu Professor Sociology of Culture, Social Theory and Tourism  
NEMOTO, Masaya Assistant Professor Qualitative Research Methods, Historical Sociology  
IIO, Makiko Assistant Professor Global/Transnational Sociology, International Migration Studies, Immigration Policy  
TAKENAKA, Ayumi Professor Urban Sociology , Global/Transnational Sociology  
HASHIMOTO, Naoko Associate Professor Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, Immigration and Asylum Policies, Institutional Theory  
SATO, Fumika Professor Social theory of Gender, Sociology of the Military and War Web Site
TANAKA, Aiko Assistant Professor Gender and Sexuality Studies, Historical Sociology  
YAMADA, Tetsuya Professor Qualitative methods, Sociology of Education  
NISHINO, Fumiko Professor Sociology of Work Web Site
SAKA, Natsuko Professor Sport and Body Culture, Sociology of Sport  
PARK, Hyewon Specially Appointed Research Associate Qualitative Methods, Social Policy Studies, Comparative Social Policy  

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Studies for Well-being and Inclusive Society
NAKATA, Yasuhiko Professor Educational Policy  
YAMADA, Tetsuya Professor Sociology of Education  
OHTA, Miyuki Professor Comparative and International Education  
MIYAJI, Naoko Professor Cultural Psychiatry, Medical Anthropology, Trauma Studies Web Site
SAKAUE, Yasuhiro Specially Appointed Professor Sociology and Social History of Sport  
SAKA, Natsuko Professor Sociology of Sport, Sport and Leisure Studies  
SUZUKI, Naofumi Professor Sociology of Sport, Urban Policy, Policy for Community Engagement  
IKAI, Shuhei Professor Social Policy Web Site
SHIRASE, Yumika Professor Social Welfare, Social Policy  
NISHINO, Fumiko Professor Employment Relations, Employment Policy Web Site
DOMEN, Takahiro Professor Urban and Regional Policy, Policy for Community Engagement  

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Studies in History and Culture
WAKAO, Masaki Professor Japanese History, Early-Modern History, Japanese Intellectucal History Web Site
ISHII, Hitonari Professor Japanese History, Modern History  
KATO, Yusuke Assistant Professor Japanese History, Japanese Political History  
SUZUKI, Naoki Assistant Professor Japanese History, Early-Modern History  
KO, Ikujo (HUNG, Yuru) Professor Asian History, Taiwan Studies Web Site
SATO, Yoshifumi Professor Asian History, Chinese History in Late Imperial and Modern Times  
KATO, Keiki Associate Professor Asian History, Modern Korean History, Japanese Imperialism and Colonialism Web Site
NAKANO, Satoshi U.S. History, International History Web Site
KIDO, Yoshiyuki Professor U.S. History, Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Web Site
MAKITA, Yoshiya Assistant Professor U.S. History, Global History  
TANAKA, Aiko Assistant Professor Gender and Sexuality History  
AKIYAMA, Shingo Professor European History, Eastern European Area Studies Web Site
MORIMURA, Toshimi Professor Intellectucal History, European History  
IGASHIRA, Masahiko Professor Philosophy of Science, Metaphilosophy  
YOSHIZAWA, Fumitake Assistant Professor Applied Ethics, Value Theory  
NAKANO, Chizu Specially Appointed Professor Critique and French Literature  
IKAWA, Chitose Professor Critique and Anglophone Literature  
TERAO, Satoshi Professor Sociolinguistics and Sociology of Knowledge Web Site

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Cross-Boundary Studies
TANAKA, Takuji Professor Politics, Comparative Political Economy, Political Theory Web Site
LEWIS, Jonathan Professor Political science, socio-informatics, media research Web Site
FUKUTOMI, Mitsuhisa Professor International Politics, International Relations Web Site
YASUKAWA, Hajime Specially Appointed Professor Social Psychology, Sensory Studies Web Site
INABA, Tetsuro Professor Social Psychology, Media Effects Research, Public Opinion Web Site
MIYAMOTO, Yuri Professor Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology Web Site
GOTO, Nobuhiko Assistant Professor Social Psychology, Social Cognition Web Site
OSUGI, Takashi Professor Social/Cultural Anthropology Web Site
KUBO, Akinori Professor Social/Cultural Anthropology Web Site
UEDA, Gen Professor Social Geography, Regional environment and Development  
KOIZUMI, Yusuke Assistant Professor social geography, area studies, human and environment  
OTSUBO, Toshimichi Professor Earth Science, Space Science Web Site
OTAKI, Yurina Professor Environmental Science, Pro-environmental Behaviour  
AKAMINE, Jun Professor Food Studies, Human Ecology Web Site
SUZUKI, Naofumi Professor Development Studies, Sport and Development  

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Global Education Program

KIDO, Yoshiyuki Professor  
HASHIMOTO, Naoko Associate Professor  
TANAKA, Aiko Assistant Professor  

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Junior Fellow

MIZUBAYASHI, Jun Specially Appointed Assistant Professor  
MORI, Takumi Specially Appointed Assistant Professor  
YIN, Guohua Specially Appointed Assistant Professor  
OWADA, Yuta Specially Appointed Assistant Professor  
KIM, Yubi Specially Appointed Assistant Professor  
TAKAHASHI, Shunji Specially Appointed Assistant Professor  

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