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Graduate School of Social Sciences

IKAI, Shuhei

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences: Policy Management Studies

総合政策研究分野: http://www.soc.hit-u.ac.jp/~poli-stu/ 猪飼研究室: http://ikai.soc.hit-u.ac.jp/ ブログ: http://ikai-hosoboso.blogspot.com/

Major Field

social policy, health care policy

Key Words



Doctor of Economics
Major Publications
a. Books
The Theory of the Hospital Century, Yuhikaku, 2010.3.31
(in Japanese)
b. Journals
・“The End of Mapless Navigation of Japan's Helath Care”, Gendai-Shiso,   , Vol. 38, No. 3, 98-113, Seido-Sha, 2010.2
(in Japanese)
c. Translations

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