Hitotsubashi Researchers Information:
Graduate School of Social Sciences

NAKATA, Yasuhiko

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences: Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development

Major Field

educational policy, educational law

Key Words

teacher evaluation, school incentive, merit pay, freedom of education


Completed Graduate Course, Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University(1997)
Major Publications
a. Books
Professinality and Identity of Schoolteachers, Kudomi Yoshiyuki (ed.), Keiso Shobo Publishing, 2008.6.25 (Ch.3 Comparative Study of trends and Backgrounds of Educational Reform in Five Countries, 51-77, co-authored )
(in Japanese)
Open School management and School Evaluation, Urano Toyokazu, katsuno masaaki, Nakata Yasuhiko (ed.), Gakuji-Shuppan Publishing, 2008.10.15 (Ch.2 How to Overcome "Evaluative Era"?, 19-44, co-edited and authored )
(in Japanese)
Revised Fundamental Education of Law: how to interprete?, Urano Toyokazu, Sato Hiromi, Nakajima Tetsuhiko, Nakata Yasuhiko (ed.), Kamogawa publiching company, 2007.4.1 (Ch2 Guarantee Children's Rights and Equal Educational Opportunity, 21-37, co-authored )
(in Japanese)
b. Journals
c. Translations

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