Hitotsubashi Researchers Information:
Graduate School of Social Sciences

SUZUKI, Naofumi

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences: Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development

Major Field

urban&rural regeneration; sport and development; social improvement through leisure and sport; social exclusion/inclusion

Key Words

sport and development, urban regeneration, community development, sporting mega events, social inclusion/exclusion


1999 B.L. (Sociology) University of Tokyo
2001 M.E. (Civil Engineering) University of Tokyo
2007 Ph.D. (Urban Studies) University of Glasgow
Major Publications
a. Books
b. Journals
・“What would Tokyo be left with after the Olympic and Paralympic Games?”, JASPS Bulletin,   , Vol. 6, Japan Association for Social Policy Studies, 2020.10
(in English)
・“Non-governmental organizations in the SDP system”, Holly Collison, Simon C. Darnell, Richard Giulianotti, and P. David Howe (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Sport for Development and Peace, Chapter 6 , 70-79, Routledge, 2018.10
(in English)
・“The right to adequate housing: evictions of the homeless and the elderly caused by the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo”, Leisure Studies,   , Vol. 37, No. 1, 89-96, 2017.7 (co-authored with Tetsuo Ogawa & Nanako Inaba)
(in English)
・“A Capability Approach to Understanding Sport for Social Inclusion: Agency, Structure and Organisations”, Social Inclusion,   , Vol. 5, No. 2, 150–158, 2017.6
(in English)
・“Reinterpreting Olympic legacies: the emergent process of long-term post-event strategic planning of Hakuba after the 1998 Nagano Winter Games”, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics,   , Vol. 9, No. 2, 311-330, 2017.2 (co-authored with Hidemasa Nakamura)
(in English)
c. Translations

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