Hitotsubashi Researchers Information:
Graduate School of Social Sciences

KIMURA, Hajime

Specially Appointed Professor
Institute for the Study of Social Sciences: Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development

Major Field

Educational science, Social history of education

Key Words



Major Publications
a. Books
Education and Society in Japan from Historical Perspectives, KIMURA Hajime (ed.), Yachiyo-shuppan, 2008.12.20 (co-edited and authored with KATAGIRI Yoshio)
(in Japanese)
Educational Demography; Edcuation and Society in the 1930s , KIMURA Hajime (ed.), Tokyo:Taga-shuppan , 2005.2.28 (edited and authored )
(in Japanese)
Birth of Educational Science, Minkanshiryo-kenkyukai (ed.), Ohtsuki-shoten, 1997.1.24 (ⅡActual condition of educational science movement, co-authored )

b. Journals
c. Translations

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