Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation

Our research and educational unit covers broad range of issues in sociology and is staffed by nine researchers. The unit consists of three main subunits — Sociology, Social Research, and Transnational Sociology. The first subunit deals with issues of social structure, transformation and social movements; it concentrates on inquiry in relation with core sociological concepts such as social class, labor, urban environments, religion, development and tourism. The second subunit, Social Research, focuses on methods of data collection in both survey and field work. Its staff specialise in areas such as labor, family, gender, and social impacts of war. The third subunit, Transnational Sociology, deals with social issues transcending national borders; staff in this subunit specialise in migration and ethnicity, international social and economic integration, the effects of globalization on regional communities and other related areas.
We are very proud to offer a very unique curriculum of sociology. Indeed, it is unique even just in comparison with other universities situated in and around Tokyo. Thus, our students are presented with the opportunity to study and analyse social reality from a wide array of perspectives while basing their investigations on three fundamental questions:

  1. How and why are large groups of people organized in societies?
  2. How are individuals negatively affected by social inequality and discrimination?
  3. How can positive change be brought about in societies?