Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development

This unit includes three main sub-units: political science, sociology of education and sport sociology.

1. Political Science

Unlike other national universities in Japan, this discipline is incorporated in the Faculty of Social Sciences (as opposed to the Faculty of Law). Our curriculum is not designed for people planning to become politicians or bureaucrats. Rather, we try to teach politics by and for citizens as an integral part of our social sciences program. Our lectures emphasise social, economic and structural aspects of our political world and aim to provide students with a sound basis of relevant knowledge as well as help them develop critical political analysis.

2. Sociology of Education

This research sub-unit might be better described as "Education and Society" as we strive to study and teach the relationship between these two entities in a broad sense, including areas such as sociology of education, educational policy and planning, social history of education, environmental and cross-cultural education, educational health etc. The subject matter of our courses also covers relevant aspects of child-rearing, labour, everyday life, historical/present-day identity formation etc., in domestic and global contexts.

3. Sport Sociology

This is still a relatively new research discipline in our program, the addition of which resulted from our faculty's overall aspiration to unite humanities and social sciences as well as from our tradition of respecting all aspects of liberal arts. Sport is studied from various angles — supply and demand, policy, organisation and movement, including activity and symbolism, i.e. everything that makes it an autonomous social and cultural system. Sport as a phenomenon is itself a perspective from which we try to learn about society.