Policy Management Studies

This unit of our curriculum includes three areas of research: social policy, work and employment, and social organisation and communities. Our courses teach policy theory while trying to impart to our students knowledge and skills which would help them in the future come up with social policies that can improve people's lives in our modern world.

For Japan and the other countries of the developed world, the 20th century was a period of rapid industrialisation, mass-migration of people from the countryside into the cities, an ever-increasing disintegration of rural community life and other large scale processes that brought about big changes in the way people live and work. In the meantime, modern industrial countries have grown into and matured as welfare states, albeit in differing forms.

The social problems we face in the 21st century are rapidly evolving. Policy makers of today have to deal with globalisation, the IT revolution, low birth rates and aging populations. Our students are expected to develop a clear sense of the historical paths leading to our present social realities and to contemplate ways in which modern society can successfully tackle the structural changes it has been going through. At the same time, students who take our courses are urged to learn and think about concrete life-improving solutions to specific problems in working, domestic and regional community environments.