Hitotsubashi University Japanese Studies in English Lecture Series 2016
Affective Iconography: Rethinking Post-war Japanese Cinema Speaker: Jennifer Coates, Kyoto University


The Japanese film industry produced up to 500 films per year in the two
decades after 1945. Film content in this ‘golden age’ was highly
repetitive, and yet scholarship on the era tends to focus on outstanding
works, auteurs, or performances. This talk approaches the peak period of
film production and viewership from a different angle, analysing repeated
tropes across a wide range of genres to investigate why viewers returned
again and again to repetitive content at the cinema. Drawing from
contemporary affect theory as well as archival materials, this
interdisciplinary study takes an iconographic approach to reading film
content. Considering broader trends across popular cinema suggests a fresh
approach to historical and sociological questions in post-war Japan.

Jennifer Coates is a Program-Specific Assistant Professor at the Hakubi
Center for Advanced Research and the Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto
University. She is the author of "Making Icons: Repetition and the Female
Image in Japanese Cinema, 1945-1964" (Hong Kong University Press, 2016).

Date: January 19 (Thursday)
Time: 17:30 – 19:00
Venue: Faculty building 3, level 3, East campus, Hitotsubashi University
(東キャンパス 第3研究館 3階)

Language: English (no translation)

Attendance is free, and all are welcome to attend. No registration

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