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Master Theses

Master Theses (2015)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
How woman become a pill user : from theory in subjection
To control what cannot be regulated : study on order‐maintenace policing based on policy od community policing
A formation of alternative social space : a case of study on local actibity with disabled
Investigating polotician's ground through interviews : focusing on "meanings" of the politicians
Community activieise and tourism in Kawagoe ichibangai : rethinking about "tourism‐based community development"
Gender strategy engaging men and women in masculinized play : reconsideration of "hedonic masculinity" through the "survival game"
How is a way of life called "social entrepreneur " realized : indivisual and society shown in life stories of "new generation social entrepreneur"
What are the hardships in the livelihood of people affected by the nuclear accidents in Fukusima? : focusung on the difficulty in "comprehension"
A journey to overseas Korean Diaspora in the world : the transformation of the Zainichi-Korean life magagine "Mile"
Chnges in Chinese media as seen from the analysis of Weibo and paper media reaction to the high-speed train crash in Wenzhou
Humanities and Philosophy
The role of "naturgeschichte" in Johann Gottfried Herder's ideen : freedom and purpose of humankind in the history
Unhappiness in the shadow of reason : an inquiry into the importance of 'unhappy consciousness' in 'selfconsciousness' in Hegel's "phenomenology of spirit"
An analysis of planning theory with work behavior research
An inquiry into the nature in Adam Smith's lectures on jurisprudence and the relationship between justice and police : focusing on human nature and the natural course of things
Consciousness and concept in Hegel's Phenomenology of spirit
On the effect of Max Stirner to Karl Marx "German ideology"
Belief contenets, assertoric contents, and relativized propositions : the problem of de se communication
Fontenlle's humanism : history of the human spirit and understanding of the world
Human Practice
Personal rule in post-cold war Africa : re-examining the theory of Paul Kagame's "dictatorship"
Effects of black or white clothes on wearer's morality
The influence of the social interavtion on subjective happiness : focused on the weak ties
Effects of good intentions on prosocial behavior for stranger
The impact of correspondence of affectives states of recipients with regulatory focus on college students' response to antismoking advertising campaign
Calypso and masculinity, feminity : from independence era to 2000s of Trinidad and Tobaco
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
Social catholicism as a base of German social state : the idea of corporative state by Ketteler and Hertling
Making up "consumaers" : an analysis of the consumer society and the consumer education
Relationship between strategies for adaptation education of woman marriage migrrants and agricultural community
The discursive formation of the social economy and the cooperation in France : reconsiderring "solidarity" at the turn of the twentieth century
The study of decision process for "Battle of imphal" : the study of structual problems of Japanese army
Policy Management Studies
Welfare support for elder people : from the vantage point of the cooperation between judicial and social welfare
Studies in Social History
Relief and provision against famine in the late Edo period : the case of the Musashino-shinden region
Flood and reconstruction in the Zenkkoji earthquake
The postwar development of the theory of colony and the meaning of its limit : refering to a journal Aigo (from 1954 to 1972)
Railroads made America : two transcontinental railroads and national integration
The republic of China's diplomacy,overseas Chinese and party affairs with Japan in the 1950s : focuses on the problems of repatriation of Chinese in Japan and the trade between communist China and Japan
A strategy at the court of FerdinandⅠ.for Habsburg territories : through the court making in 1520's‐1530's
The problems of Subei refugee relife during the Chinese Civil War
A study on the pain of self-immolation : a case of Alice Herz during the Vietnam War
The development of the public health service in modern German city : a case of 1867 cholera epiidemic in Koln
The background and the influences of the campaign against the foreign workers in the French Third Republic : from the incident of the "Vêpres Marseillaises"(June 1881)
History education argued in "Rekisigaku kenkyu" : among history and history education
Political economy and morality of a moralist in the eighteenth-century England : from the writtings of Jonas Hanway and the practice of the marine society
Sensou‐hanayome = Japanese war brides : ニホン ト アメリカ ノ マナザシ ノ アイダ デ
The studies of the regional changes on Tadami‐gawa electronic power development : with considering the compensation issues of Tagokura
Bookstores and readers in the early 18th century : case studies of two home in Kawachi
The development of the local culture movement and people in the first half of the 1950s : reconsidering the movement of "the history for nation"
Medical culture and social life in harbin from 1920s to 1940s : focus on advertisement of "Binjiang times" and "Binjiang daily"
Massacre to Korean at the Great Kanto Earthquake, the case of village Katayanagi and gravestone in Josenji temple
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
Towards a new era in opinion surveys : a study of the efficacy and application of the Niconico opinion survey
A role and responsibility of the local government over the public information : consideration through the analisys of the distribution method of the public information paper of the local government
"Gender studies" and higher education in Pakistan : the case of a women university
A study of the relation between the psychological change and the place of the disaster hit areas in the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami : the narrative of local people living in the disaster-struck area
Origin and repetition in Cambodian buddhism : formulations and practices around the independence in 1953 and today
Transition of museums and national representations in Taiwan : focusing on the National Museum of Taiwan History
Recounting war experoences by senchūha from recounting war experiences between intellectual generations
U-turn phenomena of islands society : case studies Irabu island in Okinawa
Mechanisms of proxy consent by a patient's family for psychiatric hospitalization in postwar Japan : prospects for the theory of proxy systems
The contrast of "democratization" after the Arab Spring : Tunisia and Egypt
Energy security in China : focusing on the politics of Shanghai cooperation organization

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