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Master Theses

Master Theses (2014)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
Compulsion and spontaneity in white collar labor : case studies of sales job in manufacturing company
The structure of online community and formulation/dissolution of its norms : case studies of 2-channel, "hitori-kakurenbo"
What child abuse brings on the family relations : voices from the women survivors
The homogeneity management of workers' collective : how to organize participatory democracy
Historical sociology of food in modern Japan : the historical transition and the emergence of food problem
Case study of "powerspots" boom : the persistence and transition of religion
Life stories of young gay men : in the era of HIV/AIDS
The formation of life course consciousness among Filipino youth 1.5 generation : the story of educational experience and family shaped from dual societies
Review of sustainable relationship between disability person and personal assistant : case studies of personal assistant of people with serious physical and speech impairments
University students' support activities for refugees and refugee inclusion : findings from interviews with student group leaders
Humanities and Philosophy
The metacritique of Marx's critique of Hegel's philosophy of right
Beginning with "Loss" : melancolia in Judith Butler's "Violence, Mourning, Politics"
Materiality of allegories : the problem of language as a ground of psychophysics in Walter Benjamin
Perception-Universe of 'The Soldier Males' : the art of images in "Male Fantasies" by Klaus Theweleit
Michel Foucault's critique
A free gift of nature to capital : Marx's concept of natural force and metabolism
Modern transportation system of the interwar period Taiwan : focus on railways and maritime traffic
Comparative study in Japan and China about the address terms between parents and children : focus on teens and twenties
Human Practice
Toward the multiplicity of opacity : anthropological thinking of divination and prediction
The primitive art : with reference to Musée du Quai Branly
The influence of the significant other priming on one's self-efficacy after failure experience : focused on the expectation from one's significant other
The effect of SNS use on tolerance and political participation : focusing on pervasive awareness
The effect of eye images on donation : do reputation concerns influence contribution action?
Spiral of silence theory and media : the influences of mass media and social media on opinion expression
The effects of decision making made efforts on personal regret : do efforts make people regret?
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
The publicness of skating rink, mainly explained by the case of Niigata City
Reconsideration of career guidance in shinro-tayou-kou (divergent course high school) in metropolitan area : focusing on the risks after graduation and career decision as a chance
The study of motivation for learning in the educational practice : the practice of enhancing student's motivation case studies of Yokohama municipal Ohoka Elementary School
Technical high school in the era of high economic growth from the viewpoint of its graduates'( life histories : the meanings attached to being a technical high school graduate
The educational practice research of educational objectives and evaluation : a process analysis of the reflective practice of Yasui Toshio in the 1960's and 1970's
The continutaion of a strong power of the head of a local government : an examination of local government reform during the period of occupation
The construction of social problems of bullying in Taiwan : with a focus on newspaper
Policy Management Studies
The structure of exclusion from the public assistance system : with a focus on the process of intake
Relationships between Struggles against U.S. Military Bases and the thought of self-determination in Okinawa : based on a survey on attitude among the Third Plaintiffs Group against aircraft noise of Kadena Airbase
Research on the weakening base of regional public health nurses
The labor issues of foreign white-collar workers' : why foreigners cannot be promoted in Japanese enterprises
Why are organizations without manager and employee relationships maintained? : research on workers cooperatives in contemporary Japan
Work-oriented welfare policies for disabled people : why have intellectually disabled people been placed in self?
Labor problems and occupational norms of animators : logic pf work and acceptance of working conditions brought about by "artisan" norm and "creator" norm
Studies in Social History
Religion and individualism of adolescents in a period of transition from nineteenth to twentieth century : the case of Ryosen Tunashima and Seturo Uozumi
Out casts in Zhe-Jiang in late Qing and Republic China
Leisure in Czech society in the 1970s and the 1980s : Christmas celebration during normalization-era
A study of Tenmondo of Sendai Han : focusing on Endo Moritoshi school
Gift-giving ritual in the early modern period's samurai society
The regents under the Reign of Charles V and its functions for governing empire : the regency of Crown Prince Philip of Spain, 1539-1548
The history of the Japan-U.S. relationship seen from pearls : development of Mikimoto pearl company in the United States from the end of the 19th century to the outbreak of WWII
The heritage of "Dochu" in Yoshiwara : the initiative of the bearer and the "local identity"
The Shinto interpretation by Shintoist in turn-of-the century : the case of Kohno Seizo
The regional formation judges from notables of Hachioji in the latter half of the Meiji era : case studies of the 36th bank's managers
Antiquarian's collection and interests in archaeologies in the closing days of Tokugawa Shogunate and the Meiji era : in case of Komuro Gencho of Musashi Province
Technical advance of rifle and the influence in Japanese Army
Aoto Fujitsuna as the Kansei year's paragon : on a literary character's philosophical reinterpretation
The social state of Yanbian in China during it's territory occupied by Soviet Army : analysis focuses on the period from August 1945 to April 1946
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
How sexual minorities searches friends and send information
An essay on the existence of fairy : an actor-network analysis of the Cottingley fairies
Overwriting of local memories by Tachikawa air base reuse
The trigger of the "ethnic" conflicts in Yugoslavia : homeland nationalism based on Kosovo
Re-narrating war experience : "presentness" of the Second World War in Nagaland, India
Art project in community development : case study of Ichihara Art x Mix
The aim for regional development by rural villagers and its feasibility : the case of Shimizu district Minamiuonuma City, Niigata, Japan
Suicide and anomie in Okinawa in the 1960-70's : a case study of the South-Central Region and Surrounding Islands
Life story of mental patients : the experience of and approach to the subjective meaning world about psychiatric outpatients
How should we create a sustainable society? : a study on the problem of plastic bags and containers
Image of Islam in Japan
Limitations caused by the economic sanctions of the United Nations Security Council resolution : the analysis of sanctions against Iran
Who could own beautiful shoes? : technics and beauty of function create the value of things
Politics as/of "borderland" : refugees (un)acceptance by France and Italy after Arab Spring and borders in contemporary Europe
The piano competition for children required to work educationally : the backstage of judges
America on meditation : self-observation and rising sense of interconnectedness
The formation and reconstruction of Japan image : a cese stufy of foreign students from Taiwan

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