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Master Theses

Master Theses (2013)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
Case study of Russian highly skilled migrants working in Japan
The reasons for non-elite youths' dreaming to be voice actors : by interviewing those going to training schools of voice actors
The meaning of asserting themselves as Ravidassians : religion and caste system in immigrant society
How art meats space : an analysis on art spaces based on space creates time as an art work
Fair trade and the public : the idea of participants in fair trade city movement in Kumamoto city
Sexual stories of arousal and calm : what can be seen from pornography=criticism toward adult games
The lively activities expand the habitations : comprehending life practices to produce meaning of habitation based on an interpretation of fieldwork in Aogashima
Reproduction strategy of social status for family in contemporary Japanese higher stratum : through the life story of "ojyo-sama"
A study of racial formation in postwar-Japan : ten life stories of "hafu" and "mix"
Murakami Shigeyoshi and "State-Shinto"
"Elite" boy's school as a genderized environment : formation of gender identity and definition of the boundary through the narrative of the old boys
How and what the intellectuals were "speaking" in the postwar social movement : case studies of national culture conference
Okinawan Latin Americans and the formation of a transnational community : the case of multi-tiered networks in Tsurumi, Yokohama
Discourse of sexology and subjectification of "joshi-doseiaisha (women who love women)" : a discourse analysis of Japanese sexological/pornographic magazine from postwar 1950s
Adult immigrants and public education in night junior high schools in Tokyo : interactive practices of reorganizing education as technology of power
Humanities and Philosophy
Norbert Elias's theory of knowledge in the civilizing processes
Hegel's theory of quantity in science of logic
The ecological thought of Ivan Illich
Hegel's contract theory
The image of "Japan" at the international congress of orientalistes held in Paris in 1873 : the congress which selected Japan as a theme
Thoughts of life in "uman ribu (women's liberation movement)" : a study of abortion controversy in 1970s Japan
Sociolinguistics study of the Uchinayamatoguchi in the emphasis vocabulary of the high school student
Kant's pluralistic judgment of taste and its principle : the problem of deduction in the third critique
The position of the ethical subject in Levinas's totality and infinity
Human Practice
Living in other tongues : an ethnographic study of Pentecostal church in Tokyo
In new product development scene, the creation of creative ideas : the effect of perspective-taking & intrinsic motivation
The influence of television viewing on perceptions about people with disabilities
The effect of social class perception on helping behavior : the moderating effect of clarity of distress
Creating borders and passing through : prosperity of Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Pro-environmental behavior and environmental education of Japanese : major corporations through the analysis of their environmental reports
Between joke and criticism : a study on the formation of satirical comedy in Korea and their society
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
The structure of the consciousness of the principle of distribution explained by the communication ability
Jacques Chirac's leadership and reconstruction of the right party in France 81988-1995) from Gaullisme to Center right
The challenge of a school : the structural background and the meanings of educational practice
Youth problems and youth study class in the 1950s : focusing in the textbooks in Gifu Pref.
Two "positive" aspects of leisure policy in Japan : the improvement in leisure facilities as a welfare policy and the creation of a new industry
Factors for do a sports activities : the sports activity in daily life of disabled people
Policy Management Studies
Why do caring workers leave their jobs? : from the viewpoint of maintenance of human resources
Outsourcing : case study of school caretaker
The infertility treatment in Japan : consultation motive of fertility treatment user
The sociological study on recruiting of new graduates at Japanese medium-sized companies
Studies in Social History
Village, region and Hachiouji Sennin Doshin in early modern
Use and means information gathering in the diplomatic service of the 16th century Venetian ambassador
East Asian regional integration issue as East Asian regional order : "the loss" of self sustained regional order
The post-war figures : the social history of the Emperor Hirohito's visit to the U.S. in 1975
In 1910-1920's Italy, the popular educational practice of 'National Association for the Interests of Southern Italy' and association
Commemorating the past, common-rating the present : the New Sweden tercentenary and racial self-fashoning of Finns and Swedes in the United States
The governmental reformation of the Bichu Matsuyama clan
Visitation of bishop Antoon Triest : villagers and Catholic church in seventeenth century Flanders
The recurrence of colonial knowledge : Philippine commission's colonial recognition and the system, 1899-1903
The study of seigniory and local community in the age of civil wars of Japan
Postwar Japan's immigration policy : the origin of the Omura detention camp
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
Toward a sustainable Joint Forest Management : case studies of India's Joint Forest Management
"Divides women" and studies of FC/FGM : deconstruction of the "conflict between African women and Western women"
Reintegration of former child soldiers : focusing on former girl soldiers as
A study on urban and rural areas in Guangdong province of the cultural revolution : focusing on historical records of interviews to stowaway until 1971
A life of a musician under the siege of Leningrad
Reconsideration of urban theory in environmental issues
The tourist image of world heritage, Hiraizumi : historical authenticity and social issues
Involved actors and international norms of aids drugs access : case of d4T patent release in 2001
Case study of career choices of the 1.5 and the 2nd generation : Peruvian adlecsence in Japan
Agriculture and the media : the relation between the Japanese livestock database and public images of milk cattle
MSM's (men who have sex with men) psychological distress and improvement with tohjisha-kenkyu
The pole of NGO to spread environmental education in Mongolia
China's forest issue and its solution : prospect of voluntary participation of residents

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