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Master Theses

Master Theses (2011)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
Ethnic solidarity and fragmented solidarity in the Somali community in the U.S. : analysis of solidarity fragmented by memories of the conflict and by fear of counter-terrorism
The change of normative consciousness by joining a labor union : throughin deregulations in distribution industry
Consideration about consumption forms of Japanese nerds : observed the historical background and the cultural feature of nerd culture
Why is care work attractive for Filipina migrant women? : dimensions of negotiation to enhance their social status in Japan
A study on the struggling sexual minority movement in Japan : a project of "alliance" with "non-sexual minorities"
"Progress" and "industrialization" in E. H. Carr's view of history : mainly on his critique of national self-determination
Life in exile : employment of Burma born refugees living in Japan
The role of prefectural government in the period of "Heisei municipal merger" : a case study of Higashi-Katsushika area in Chiba prefecture
A logic of "machi-dukurare" : case studies of Nishi-Ogikubo since 70s
Gender issues in developing career of white-collar workers : case studes of manufacturing industry
Educational goals of language proficiency in France and democratization of
A study of family for the contemporary Japanese youth : focusing on status in unmarried and non-regular employment
The new life movement and afterwar's family
The primitive rebels : the residents' movement against the Kaminoseki nuclear power plant project in Iwaishima (1982-2010)
Humanities and Philosophy
Ideology of Stirner
Marx's humanism
The society and the individual's life in G.Simmel's "philosophy of money"
Taiwanese indigenous peoples movement in Taiwanization of the "Republic of China"
Marx's theory of community as a critique of modernity : on "forms which precede capitalist production" in the Grundrisse
What is the evolutionary theory of society : evolutionary theory of society as an adoption of the Darwinian methods, case of W. G. Sumner
Geographical distribution of onomatopoeia in Amami-Okinoerabu island
Discussion on women's occupation and significance of study in Jogaku Zasshi
Human Practice
An exploratory study of the impact of anxiety on the spiral of silence
A study on determinants of "kandoh (the state of being emotionally moved) associated with sadness"
Media campaign and health behavioral change : perceiving personal norm on the process of interpersonal communication
The impact of Islam on Indonesian politics : analysis of voting behavior and Islam institutions
Nostalgia and self-continuity : a test of the Davis's discontinuity hypothesys
Consideration for construction of marginal people's subject
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
The function for occupational choice of specialized courses in a failing school : a consideration about a technical high school teacher's occupation counseling practice
School management for interactive school in regional society : focusing on school leadership
The changes of the limit to foreign players in Japanese professional baseball, 1951-2003
Consideration for cultivation of women's political autonomy in 1930's
The Minsei Party and economic policies : 1927~1932
Two-way bilingual immersion education : from the perspective of functional, cultural and critical literacy
A night high school : interpretations of the students' jobs over constructuring the education
The dynamics of policy making process in regional educational administration and educational governance : the case of the educational reform at Inuyama city
Japanese foreign language teachers' discussion in the 1960's of the four goals of foreign language teaching
Policy Management Studies
Short-term labor migration from Okinawa Prefecture after 1990 : facilities and labor's view
Analysis of the non-regular employees' income and income securement in golden years : with the focus on public pension plan
Research concerning the evolution of government policies on nursing-care for the elderly people in rural China : the cace of Penglai City, Yantai, Shangdong, China
Examination of construction of community support networks in community general support centers
Analytical study and its deal in order to cope with the hindrance to the employments stabilization of care workers at nursing home for the elderly : focusing to the relation between personal management by the manager and care workers
The historical change of public health nurse's activity : a case study comparing Kawasaki city with Ota ward
Studies in Social History
Improving execution : from the rope to the electric chair, New York State, 1885-1914
Korea after the port-opening as seen in
Prison reform movements and its historical significance : from mid-19th century to early 20th century in America
The post-horse system and local society during late medieval to early modern period in Japan
Yose and koudan in the latter half of nineteenth-century : case studies of Edo・Tokyo
The Eucharist and the concept of "the Christian community" in the 11th century western Europe : studies on the eucharistic doctrines in «L'affaire bérengarienne»
A study of heretical doctrines and "orthodoxy" in early modern Shinshu : case studies of incident of five buddhist priests in Owari province
Revisiting friendly societies : representation and power regarding British associations
A study on the social acceptance and actual practice of the community development policy : the reasons why it did not work as expected
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
"Nomads" and nation-state : case studies of integration of "gens du voyage" into French society
The present status of the waste problem in Beijing City and a civic environmental awareness
A change in Brazilian community and family since the economic crisis : case study in Yokkaichi
Consumptive participants and capability on the local community development : case studies of Onpaku activities in Beppu (, Oita)
Organic-agriculture as culture : practices in Takahata, Yamagata prefecture
Quantitive analysis of Twitter usage in university students : relationship between usage intention and service design
The support for children of diversse back grounds who go on to the next stage of education : towards the creation of various learning places
Strategies for local revitalization by utilizing global resources : case study of Hakuba
Corporate structure in sustainable management of microfinance : case studies of CARD group in the Philippines
Representation of "otherness" in Japanese film
China's minority education and language policy-take bilingual education of the Kazakh in Xinjang Uygur autonomous region for example
The internet society from the viewpoint of the internet privacy problem : case studies of Chinese internet society

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