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Master Theses

Master Theses (2010)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
The transformation of wildlife conservation policy in "socialization of nature" : a case study of the institutionalization of wildlife management in Japan
A study of continueing their jobs for married female : focusing on the process of establishing "law for teachers'maternity leaves"in 1950-60s
The process of public sphare formation on climate change : Can Japan progress to the "environmental society"?
Bangladeshi immigrants in ethnic businesses : Bangladeshi ethnic restaurants,their opportunity structure and ethnic strategies
From the outer of the nature of comprehension,suffering from 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in Nagapattinam,Tamil Nadu,India
The politics on "entertainer" in status of residence : in the case of "Filipina entertainer"
Industrial policy debacles and rural class structure during the Marcos Martial Law regime in the Philippines
Resident Korean community and civic activities in Kawasaki City : from 1970's to present
An analysis of the educational strategies of families with children in the upper grades of elementary school : with a focus on the time management of children's everyday life
The space of subjecting power and undecidable selves : the sit-in protest against the U.S.Military Base construction in Okinawa
Correlation between expanding ethnic economy through public investment and formalization : examining immigrant businesses in the city of Minneapolis
The interpretation of "unmarried women" in Taiwan : transformation of the discourse of "makeinu"
Personnel strategy of multinational corporations in China
The change of classes and strata structure at a social transformation in China : a study of changing process of "new strata"
A study of Korean military women : focusing of factors of military women either remain in the military or to leave
The sociological contemplations on Peter Berger's theology and his 'sociology of faith' : with the central focus on the historical transitions of Berger's secularization theory and his theological thought
Humanities and Philosophy
The beginning and others in Hegel's "The Phenomenology of spirit"
Ideal society in confucianism and the essence of jin
Paul Tillich's thought of religious socialism in the period of Weimar Republic : his understanding of religion,theory, "practice" of his religious socialism
ON Las Meninas by Michel Foucault
Human Practice
"The communal" in the theory of social representations
Generalized "childhood" : anthropological study on "imaginary companions"
Fencing off the stereotype -inconsistent exemplars under high processing load : the effect of distinctiveness of exemplars
An analysis of 'Mixi' use from mobile phones with the investment model
The appraisals that distinguish benign and malicious envy : the effects of obtainability
study the factor impacting our realization what 're everyone doing : what is it that makes us think it's a trend?
What the U.S. military base bring about? : an ethnography of "becoming-village"
underlying potentialities of modern transportation and (im)mobilities : an introduction to anthropological study of transportation as motility
A failed collusion between human and machinery : a case study of a public market in Tokyo
The effect of counterfactual thinking on post-choice regret and satisfaction in too-much-choice occasions
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
Japan's propaganda war during the Asia-Pacific War : the activities of the Great Japan Patriotic Journalism Association
"Education for the environment" in school education : the Omori practice and the formation of acting person
Professionalism of Japanese language teachers : focusing on intercultural competence at language schools
a study on women's sports during wartime : national sports policy and sports organizations
Why is Japanese vocational school education working? : focusing on educational contents,process and enabler in the lecture
Policy Management Studies
A study of the "conviviality" between old and new inhabitant in an underpopulated area
Stratifications of doctors in french medical system
social significance of pharmacists : acceptation of iryouyakugaku in reform of Japanese pharmaceutical education
Fathers who get over dilemma(s) between the workplace and family life : case studies of paternity leave
Today's meaning of local industrial organizations in urban-type industrial agglomeration : case studies of "K"organization in Ota Ward,Tokyo
"Normalization" in the life of people with severe physical disabilities
A study of Labor education in the postwar restoration period : focusing on labor education by Ministry of Labor
Job structures of white collar temporary workers : focusing on a functional flexibility
A study of voluntary public participation in China
Basic study of career formation in nonprofit organizations(NPO) : focusing on staffs' consciousness in the business form NPO
Studies in Social History
The social organization and "local residents" of zaikata-machi(local city)in the later Tokugawa period : case studies of Sawara,Simosa province
On the Chinese war correspondents in the late 1930s : in the case of the Thejiang society for war time journalism
On describing popular disturbances : Luddism, 1811-13
The source of the youkaigaku : a study of the youkaigaku in comparison with the society for psychical research
Whole contents and historical meaning of "Yomiuri woman's appendix"
The prophets in medieval Icelandic society
About Morimura brothers's success of exported porcelain in Meiji era
A study of compulsory policies spreading Japanese language in colonial Korea during the wartime(1936-1945) : on one aspect of 'imperialization 'policy
The formation of thoughts of peaple of the northern part of Oshu in the late Tokugawa period : the case of Hutizawa Enuemon in the middle class
Military education at schools for African Americans in the United States : case studies of Tuskegee Institute in the early twentieth century
The nationalism of the Irish American : case studies of the Fenian movement in the middle 19th
Representations of African American lynchings in the American South at the turn of the 20th century : a study of the exposure and record of lynchings
The relationship between sagas and society in thirteenth-century Iceland : a case study of Njáls Saga
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
Sociological study of environmental perceptions and practices : a case study of Ishigaki Island
A note on fair trade : trends of southan producer assistance through the market
"Diwudai"-the fifth generation : what did China expect at the fifth generation? : role that the fifth generation remark theory played in process of modernization of China
A life history of an Asturian woman confronting past political violence during the revolution,the Civil War and the dictatorship in Spain
Rethinking community comprehensive care system : the case of 30-40 years old individuals with intractable diseases
Chinatown image construction : an analysis focusing on social change in the post-Civil Rights era
The study of the present situation of patriotism education in junior high schools in Japan
Undertaking our culture : complexicity of Japanese culture in international tourism and souvenior
Japanese style micro-finance : its possibility to alleviate poverty in Japan
Breeding technology and local community : sericulture industry in postwar Gunma Prefecture
The formation and changes of Yokohama images : from the perspectives on the women,city government,and media
The rise of volunteer tourism : the present conditions and issues
The transition of water charging system in England and Wales
"The question of Tibet" and Tibetan refugees
Toward "understanding" people's practice in traditional festivals in Yatsuo,Toyama
Multiculturalism from below
Having been to an international school in Japan : thinking what it means for graduates in relation to becoming international
The studying abroad experience of Japanology students : a case study of foreign students from Vienna University
Emotional labor of doctors : case studies of general practitioner in Japan

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