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Master Theses

Master Theses (2009)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
An empirical study of self-help groups for mother-and-child families and its possibility : with emphasis on actual cases of small size samples
Why did he become a SDF personnel? : a heuristic consideration of the contemporary meaning of ensisting in self defense forces
The consideration of avangarde to resistance view from popular activeness of music
A study on the field of the souvenir industry in Ishigaki island : the relationship between local people and mover
Children of Japanese veterans struggling with the war influencing their lives : what are war experiences of my father?
On changes of cynicism after "the season of politics" : case studies of magazine "Uwasa no shinso"
The political dimension of civil society related to institutions : a critique of Beck'ssubpolitics
Migrants and belonging : case studies of Filipino women migrants in Japan
Narratives of career choice and life course : based on narratives of female graduates of part-time high school during the high-growth period
Individual cafe as an extension of the body in Okinawa : complex spaces of mutual approval and exclusion
The history of barbers trim technique : study on barbers union and their technique generation
Social changes led by women's gender practices started from development cooperation : case studies of embroidery group activities in Bangladesh
"Zainichi" it's politics between narrative and narrative
A study of modern marriage avoidance for buraku people
A new development of tourism phenomena from a viewpoint of community : a case study of Iriomote island
The migration of "middle-class" highly skilled professionals case of Indian it workes' migration to Japan
The role of art in revitalising the local community : a study of Tokyo's downtown in transition
Empirical research on child rearing of working mothers in Kazakhstan : focusing on mothers having children of preschool age
Humanities and Philosophy
Reciprocal recognition in the phenomenology of spirit
About "Der Arbeiter zur Waare und zur elendsten Waare herabsinkt" in Karl, Marx. Ökonomisch‐philosophische Manuskripte.Manuskripte.
Dream as healthy symptom : from the examination of the description of anxiety-dream by Freud
Code switching in the utterances of Turkish-Japanese bilingual children : a sociolinguistic study
Human Practice
Coming to terms with the past : case studies of truth and reconciliation commision of south Africa
HIV/AIDS policy and civil society in Botswana : a comparision with Uganda
A consideration of the practical meditation in the urban area in Myanmar : the case of Mah?si meditation center
Totem in our bodies rethinking : blood typing
The influence of regulatory resource depletion and food neophobia on appriciating novel foods
"Reclamation" and Shonai district
Sensation from material-touch : a discourse analysis of rubber fetishism in 1960s-70s and contemporary Japan
Adjustment, unquestioning and redesign to situations : artifacts and society after the semantic turn
Overcoming HIV/AIDS-related social exclusion : a case study of people's organizations in the rural areas of Nyanza province, Kenya
Manifold histores : prophetic power and historical experience among the nuer of Sudan
National disintegration and emergent desires : manele music in post-socialist Romania
What can "narrative" explain in psychology? : through reconstructing J. S. Bruner's narrative consept
Sabar : Javanese commitment and susceptibility to the "pigeon-play"
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
Local community involvement and philanthropy of professional sports : a study on the socially beneficial activities of the J-league
The reality of Japanese rearmament : the study of the postwar Japanese defense forces through the analysis of the recruiting system
The Tokyo trial and the Japanese navy
The policy formation about work and welfare in the time of welfare state restructing : the public job training in postwar Japan and the "plan for the youth independence and challange"
Kawai Eijiro's liberalism : peculiarities of the reception of social liberalism in Japan after world war 1
The army band in modern Japan : a pilot study about the military school of Toyama
Mental disease of teacher : the process of leave absence from work and return to the workplace
Korean war and United States and Japan security arrangements
Policy Management Studies
Examination of the dispatched industrial labor market : semi independent situation of labors that create fluidity labor
"The regional development by giant real estate developer and the participation of local residents in a suburb of Tokyo metropolitan area"
The archetype of Japanese community welfare
Severe working environment of young-aged regular workers and diversification of a model of regular workers : case study of chain store workers
A study of the spontaneity of volunteers in management of urban park by coopration of volunteers and government : case studies of urban parks in Meguro ward and Kita ward, Tokyo
The role of associations in the system providing a public benefit : through studies on the case in France
Engineers and technology in organization : a case study of semiconductor industry in Japan
Research on joint acceptance of order group, mechanisms of cooperation and coordination : four cases of Suwa area, Nagano
Consideration about the support system for the elderly living alone : about the elderly protection support network at community general support center as a core role
What is fun in children's play, and its structure of play : focusing on the case of the Kokubunji city playstation
Reality of the life of young homeless people : over discouragement
Studies in Social History
On the process of Korean student soldiers' participation to the formation of Republic of Korea's army ater liberation
The power of chieftains and the kings of Norway in the medieval Icelandic Commonwealth
The political activity of Lyuh Woon Hyung in South Korea after liberation
Colonial development of port city in Korea in 1930s : a case study of Najin
Between human rights and civil rights : international human rights and the transformation of Afro-American civil rights movements at the beginning of the cold war
The formation of the consciouness of yuisho and lorcal society in the Enshu region at the time of the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate
The Washingtonian temperance movement in the 1840s America : temperance as a means of self-improvement
"Nouvelle cuisine" and the enlightenment : cooking & health of the 18th century France
A study of the cultural control policy in the early Showa period through the record censorship system
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
Toward women's studies as understanding the 'life' : achievements and problems of the research on the Korean woman divers
The civil war in Sierra Leone and youth : Rastafari in Freetown as a place of recovery
Rethinking "multicultural co-existence" : a site liking Filipino single-mother families with Japanese volunteers
Counter-terrorism policy under the Blair government : creating and excluding "others"
A study of democratic governance and civil society in decentralized Indonesia
The elementary and secondary by MNEs : an example of KUMON globalizing through collaboration
An orchestra in Manchuria : case studies of the Harbin symphony orchestra
The others : the "immigrés" reconsider the migrants through housing in France
Nanmin : an analysis of variance between the Japanese government and refugee applicants relating to the status of refugees
Blessing or curse? : tourism promotion in cairns
Who are the hospital directors?
Local management of historical environment : problems and prospectives of the public opening
'The freedom theatre' and political repression : fieldwork into narratives
YAMAHA music school in Japan, America, and China culture and globalization
Towards inclusive education and society in Japan : a case study of Brazilian children out of school
Measures to combat human trafficking : focusing on demand reduction
A correlational study between Japanese animation and sentiments toward Japan by the youth in China
A correlational study between Japanese animation and sentiments toward Japan by the youth in China
Towards building Asia regional literature : a study case on the translation-publication programs of the TOYOTA foundation and Daido life foundation
Overcoming barriers to internationalization in creative industries : learnings from the Japanese comic book industry
Occupation and hope : case studies of Amami islands

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