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Master Theses

Master Theses (2008)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
Realization of faith, hope, and charity : history of christians in Urakami and life history of an A-bonb survivor
Single-father and support network : solving everyday-life problem and promoting "alternation"
Circumstance and possibility of professional health care interpreter in Japan : Case studies of health care interpreting organization in Kanagawa prefecture
Constructing a site for a site-less memory : the founding of cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration
A study of liberalism in contemporary China
Live as a foster parent : a study of foster family
The workworld of the secretary
Labor market change and young flexible labor's movement
A study of street performances as "art" : practice of street performers for "heaven artist project"
B.R.Ambedkar: thought and conversion movement to Buddhism : between "separation" and "integration"
Continuity and discontinuity in the postwar Yaeyama society : educational community in Yaeyama during 1945-1950
The concept of the family in the critique of political economy system of marx
The architecture of luhmann's theory
Managerial 'class' in post-war Japan untill 1980's : in the light of the concept of inner circle
Working time law and management for white-collar workers
Citizenship struggles of Japanese-Filipino children and their Filipino mothers : the case of collective lawsuit to confirm the children's Japanese nationality, 2005-2008
The worksite of Brazilian contract worker in Japan : based on participant observation in the factry, Gifu prefecture
Prejudice and reality on the problems of 'neet' : case study in Japan (*)
The effects of "mother country" media on national identity of post cross-boder generation : mainly on "Korean wave" media contact of zainichi Korean in Japan
Humanities and Philosophy
Wittgenstein's solipsism and ethics
Speech act theory and texts : through the Derrida-Searle debate
Searching„ versuch über Wagner" through Bild
"Critical reconsideration" of discourses on French republic in Alsace from the European viewpoint : different attitudes of regions and nations towards the European charter for regional or minority languages
Parrhesia in Michel Foucault : reading of the lecture in collége de France
The scope of the idea of common in Gadamer's philosophy
On Hannah Arendt's compassion : the foudation and preservation of the world
Rethinking Rousseau's discourses of origin : through examination of the concept 'origin'
About a reversibility in Merleau-Ponty's visual arts theory
The language of Japanese high-school students' text messaging : a sociolinguistic analysis
Environmental justice in China : for sustainable development
A sociolingustic analysis of a small corpus of Japanese popular comics
Human Practice
Seducing art objects : a case study in love dolls
The reality of internet use in Japanese diet members : determinants of interactive contents installation
Women making ancestor worship : fieldwork of Korean ancestor rites
An anthropological study on the process of how classical ballet dancers learn balletic movement
Disciplining of "Vocal production" in Japan : in the field of school music education
Stereotype suppression without rebound : the effects of replacement thoughts strategy
Conditions of contracts : discourse analysis in new graduate employments
Toward an anthropological study of love : a case study of polyamory in the united states
Social and political characteristics of volunteer panels : an error factor in the internet surveys
Orientations of a tradition : tattooing in contemporary Japan (*)
Empirical study of global warming issues in the mass media : framing and gatekeeping
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
Educational expansion and systemic change of education in postwar Japan : teachers' seeking for professionalism and progressivism
Why did the democratic socialist party fail to develop its influence? : the significance and limits of democratic socialism in Japan
The formation of educational objectives in the education based on community : focusing on the educational practices at Kawakami primary school in the 1970's
School choice and parents participation in schools : the case study from Matsudo city
Educational support centre : "truants" exclusion mechanism
The social background of Japanese military after the Russo-Japanese War : governmental control of local society
Policy Management Studies
Handicapped persons' employment in Japan : case studies of human resource management in corporations
A consideration of the employment issue about youth since the 1990s : reconsideration about the "neet" problem
The actual condition of the family business in the small and medium enterprises
Research about all-household-participating NPO after community integration
A study of participation in community activity of the main senior retired
Studies in Social History
Miyajima Daihachi's Chinese Language education and his purpose
The image of Taiwan liberation by Taiwanese under the control of KMT in second Sino-Japanese War : mainly on activity of sungfeiju
Political stance of reportage of the Marcure de France under the ownership of panckoucke
Mary Cary and the fifth monarchy men in revolutionary England
The Jews in Odessa : Jewish immigrants and city development in the 19th century
The use of belief in Icelandic sagas
The narrative of tenmei fushimi uprising and kobori clan kaieki : maruandou to gimin narrative
Rentenkauf and the age of the schicht : Braunschweig in the late fourteenth century
Japanese American community in early 20th century los Angeles
The local clan and village society during the first half of the early modern period
Pilgrims who fell ill or died on the road and villages during the Shikoku pilgrimage in Awa during the latter part of the Tokugawa period
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
Child soldiers : a case of Karen volunteer soldiers
Transnational stratification" and post-developmental government : the role of government in overseas employment policy in the Philippines
A historical study on the dispute about development and preservation of the Koajiro forest : connotation of 'protect the green' and process of its preservation
Will for possession of the nuclear cycle plant : gender and empowerment of the youth in Rokkasho village
Ainu music traditions, soundscape transformation, and "violence" in modern Japan
Conflicts between secular state and the Islamic party in contemporary Turkey : the trial for dissolution of the Justice and Development Party
The possibilities and limits of the European integration
Perpetrator's responsibility for sexual violence : considering sexual violence against 'prostitutes'
Dynamism of electronic reproduction : products in the field of Japan-US
The relationship between university student's attitudes towards sex and knowledge about dating violence : a survey
"Mingei" in Korea : adopting Yanagi Soetsu in the 1920's Tongailbo
On visibility of Islam headscarf disputes in germany
Photography : an everyday practice in contemporary Japan
The politics of sex around the "N...sexes" : reading thought from the law concerning special rules regarding sex status of a person with gender identity disorder
Being Zainichi-Korean" how it works for their lives
Coffee tourism in Ethiopia : cultural uses and the regeneration of indigenous resources for rural development (*)

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