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Master Theses

Master Theses (2006)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
Study of history of the Modern adoption act in Japan: from 1959 to 1988
From "ISLAM in FRANCE"to "FRENCH ISLAM": on the conflict between the LAICITE and the integration policies for immigrants in France
An empirical analysis of long-term care insurance in Japan
The formation of professionals in urban planning the allocation of knowledge and professionals in urban planning
Transformations in the self-image of younger-generation Koreans living in Japan: case studies of individuals who have experienced studying abroad
Vietnamese employment and entrepreneurship in Japan
The interaction between conservation and tourism about historical monument in Cairo: the background and the present state
The possibility of touristic-movement as the new place where the individuals, the nation state, and the market meet: Case studies of "Longstay"
A legal-sociological study on deportation of immigrants : Focusing Cases of the second-generation in Japan
Humanities and Philosophy
On contradiction in the idea of Hannah Arendt'a action
Theatre trends in Dalian during the colonial period case study of performances over the period 1907-1931
A study of the writing of Marguerite Duras
Thomas Carlyle : Sincerity and self
The politics of loanwords in Croatia: A comparison with the Serbian situation
The range of a general idea in Marx
Others in Heidegger's Being and Time: A study of How we theoretize others
Moses Mendelssohn and the Berlin Enlightenment
Genesis :an annotation on L'Evolution Creatrice,H.Bergson
Human Practice
Living with Risky Environment : What Helps Farmers to Survive Drought in East SHOWA ZONE,Ethiopia? (*)
Pseudo-network discourses the way how observers grasp a person of Rastafari
Narrowing down the sphere of identity: Case studies of "Dakar Wolof",Senega
The analysis of election advertisements of the Kuomintang in the presidential campaigns of 2000 and 2004 in Taiwan.
Assurance of reliability of sustainability reports from Korean companies -Through the survey of attached third party reviews-
Farmers' movement of endogenous development in view of Man-Nature relation: A case study of Zimbabwe
Social service providers in Germany:transformation of the institutional position of the welfare associations
The possibility of Post-Countercultural research Hippie movement in Goa 1969-2000
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
The educational issues and practice at CHIKUHO,a coal mining region during the period of rapid economic growth: the educational practice of a juniour high school teather
A study of youth education and educational demography in the 1920's-40's. :History of the relations between people, school, society, and the Japanese army over the school attendance.
A Sociological research on the sport boom: Focusing on Bowling boom
Politics of "SHINSAYOKU": Case studies of magazine "GENDAINOME"
Conflicts in siting locally unwanted facilities: The case of the Kashiwa City's second waste disposal facility
The motives for universal health care coverage in Post-War Japan: Social integration and economic growth
"Informati"zing school education: Networked teachers
Fundamental study on built environment education in the UK: Special focus on "Educational Facilities"
Policy Management Studies
Corporate governance and industrial relations: on roles of labor unions
Research on the development of justification criteria in organizational alliances
The actual labor conditions of Fillipino woman workers and political accomodation of Japanese government: Analysis of labor composition of entertainers
The NPO's support of terminally ill canser patients who want to live a life at home: Toward community-based terminal care
Research on the new type of rural cooperative medical care system : Case studies of Pingguqu in Beijing
Social security from bottom up
Studies in Social History
The Okinawan repatriates from Japanese Mandete Micronesia and the Postwar Okinawa society
From Hmong refugees to Hmong Americans: The making process of Hmong veterans' Naturalizaion Act of 2000
Reading and study of an intellectual in agricultural community: Case studies of OKUNUKI YUZAN's thought transition in 18th century
War neurosis in Japanese Army: from the Russo-Japanese war to the Asia-Pacific War
Stockholm in the middle of forteenth century: in the view of its relation to Hanseatic league
Diplomatic issue over Japanese history textbook : about 1982' textbook issue between Japan and Korea
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
A portrait of gap year participants in England :Beyond self-searching
Korean network of reproductive labor
Experiences of Yaeyama women in colonized Taiwan-stories of the place where gender crosses Colonialism-
A study of the discoursive practice of localization case studies of person(s) recognized by various in Japan
A reevaluating the craft: A historical analysis of Chang within the CHICHIBU-MEISEN through a case study
Official and unofficial elements of the basic Christian communities: Case studies of the Philippines
Various realities of "INTERSEX"
"ZAIGAI JAPANESE" on the border: when "ZAIGAI JAPANESE"are called "JAPANESE"
The diffusion of fair trade and its issues in Japan: The collaboration of the consumers and companies to overcome the causes of poverty

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