[Lecture] November 20: Enriching Children's Lives

11/08/2018 | Upcoming events

Enriching Children's Lives - Different Approaches to Welfare, Education and Home

November 20 2018, 18:30-20:00 | Flyer
Speakers: Noguchi Akina (LITALICO), Takase Kenji (Chaibora), Oyama Haruka (Chaibora)
Venue: Mercury Tower, 5F, 3508 (East campus)

We all want to feel welcomed by society, especially when we are children.

We invite two guest speakers working in the field of child support and education to share their experiences with us. LITALICO provides services that help nurture the talent and personality of individuals with different disabilities and nationalities, and Chaibora is an NPO that supports recruiting to orphanages.

This talk is also recommended for those interested in career perspectives and who are considering working for an organization that focuses on social issues. Education and home are the foundation of children's lives. This talk will help us think about how we can nurture future generations.

The event will be followed by a free dinner reception which all are welcome to join.


Noguchi Akina, LITALICO
Executive officer at Litalico, and director of the Litalico research center. Born in 1985 in Japan, she moved to America during the sixth grade and became interested in special education while there. After graduating high school, she returned to Japan and studied at the University of Tsukuba where she specialized in inclusive and collaborative education for diverse students. After experience working as an elementary school teacher, she has since been working at Litalico, a company which provides education and career support for people with disabilities. As the executive officer and the director of the Litalico research center, Noguchi is in charge of implementing a system which provides personalized education programs for 8000 children, as well as working together with educational institutions and child care facilities. She is the co-author of “What Type of Education is Inclusive Education? (Inkurusibu kyoiku tte donna kyoiku”) and “Achieving a Society of Communal Coexistence and Creating a System for Inclusive Education- the role of special education” (Chiiki Kyosei Syakai no Jitsugen to Inkulusibu Kyoiku Sisutemu no Kochiku-Korekara no Tokubetsu Shien Kyoiku no Yakuwari). Noguchi has a Ph.D. in Disability Sciences.

Takase Kenji, Chaibora
Supervisor at Chaibora since its establishment. Supports companies and organizations which start new businesses as well as runs his own company.

Oyama Haruka, Chaibora
Founder of Chaibora. After realizing the shortage of people working at orphanages started holding events to increase the number of people working at foster homes.