Institute for the Study of Social Sciences

Policy Management Studies

The Policy Management research unit incorporates three fields of study: social policy, work and employment, and social organisation and communities. Our study staff are researchers in these general areas but they also specialise in specific issues of contemporary concern, in accordance with our graduate school's basic philosophy of conducting socially-relevant and front-running research. These include theoretical and practical problems arising from an aging population, empirical research on Japan's medical workers, foreign workers and the globalisation of labour, policies targeting contingent workers, as well as NPOs and other institutions which shape our modern civil society.

This research unit's team of six do their best to incorporate the latest results of their own research into their courses; the educational process always emphasises both practical and theoretical approaches to the problems of social policy, labour and social organisation. Furthermore, students are able to participate in funded research projects and to use the results thus obtained in their master's or doctoral theses.