GLP requirements


Application schedule

First-year students of the Faculty of Social Sciences are eligible to apply for the GLP. The GLP application period starts in early January, and application materials are made available on the Faculty of Social Sciences website in November. Candidates who passed the first stage will be notified at the end of February, and interviews will be conducted in March. Finalists will be notified at the end of March. 12 students will be selected each year. More information will be posted about the application process closer to the application period.

Completion requirements

In order to complete the Global Leaders Program, students need to fulfill the following three requirements.

  1. Attain 36 credits (out of the necessary 132* credits for graduation) from GLP specified courses, including GLP core courses (see table below).
  2. Spend at least 4 months abroad as an exchange student (excluding students on government scholarships or who have lived abroad for a long period of time)
  3. Complete other requirements for graduation from the Faculty of Social Sciences

GLP credits

GLP core modules
GLP seminar I(2nd year students)→ 4 credits
GLP seminar II(4th year students)→ 4 credits
Planning I & II(4th year students)→ 2 credits
10 credits
Study abroad(4 months or more)

GLP specified courses (GLP courses)

  • EplusOne(English、other languages)GLP courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • GLP courses offered by other departments
  • Short-term study abroad (language learning, internship, etc)
26 + credits
Total 36 + credits

* Credits necessary for graduation depend on the year of enrollment into Hitotsubashi University. For students who enrolled in 2016, 132 credits are necessary.