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Lecture Series

The Japanese Studies in English Lecture Series was started by the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2016. The aim of the lecture series is to introduce research about Japan conducted by scholars from a variety of fields in the social sciences. We also seek to provide a forum for students, scholars, as well as members of the general public to find out more about the diverse field of Japanese studies. Through the lecture series we hope to create a space for discussion and networking, and for a lively exchange of ideas.

A theme for the lecture series is chosen every year, and speakers are chosen based on the theme. In 2016 the theme was “perspectives,” and scholars were chosen from fields such as art history, sociology, race and ethnicity studies, gender studies, history and film studies to share their perspectives on Japan.

From 2017, third and fourth year Social Sciences students have started planning and running the lecture series. You can read more about the planning process in the “Behind the Scenes” section. The theme chosen for 2017 is "social division," and you can find out more about the talks scheduled for this year in the "Upcoming Events Schedule."

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