Current GLP students

Current GLP Students

CHEN Xirui (Echo)

Hi everyone! I’m Echo, and currently I’m learning Japanese (since I am from China), English, and Spanish. I’m interested in many research topics, such as ethnicity, gender, and politics. I’m also very interested in “rational” sociology and politics. For me, they represent two completely different ways of interpreting the world, and I want to find out more about both. I am fascinated by question and answer sites such as Quora, and reading the discussions there is a hobby of mine. I also enjoy calligraphy, sports and literature. I don’t have much overseas experience, and I would like to go to an English speaking country if I have the chance.

Yvonne KOH

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Hello. Nihao. Hajimemashite. My name is Yvonne Koh and I am from Singapore. I am trilingual (English, Chinese and Japanese) and learning Korean, but I am having a hard time mastering Korean pronunciation. Since I am a MEXT scholar and not allowed to go on long term exchange programmes, I am interested in going on the short term exchange to Hong Kong, or even Singapore since I realised how little I know about my own country after coming to Japan. I also enjoy collecting makeup and spend my free time rereading books I love. Currently, I am interested in studying about social psychology and gender issues.

Manako MUKAI

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Hello! My name is Manako. I’m studying Chinese in addition to English. I like reading books, listening to music and watching baseball. I lived in the US for three years, that was more than ten years ago, so I remember almost nothing about those days. I hope to study abroad in the US next year. I’m interested in linguistics, especially in the relationship between languages and human-beings. Through this program, I want not only to improve my English but also to get a new sense of values.


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Modern society is defined by borderless issues such as terrorism, violence, and conflicts concerning culture, religious identity, and sexuality. These problems cannot be understood using current social frameworks. As a member of the GLP inaugural class, I would like to acquire the ability to approach these issues from the perspective of global citizenship and diversity, and with a solid interdisciplinary grounding in the social sciences and global society.

Makoto OUCHI

current students

Hi! I’m Makoto Ouchi. I was born and grew up in Tokyo. I went to Pennsylvania when I was 16 years old, and spent a year there as a high school exchange student. Lancaster, the district I stayed in, is famous for the local Amish people who live without electricity. My academic interest is politics, and I am especially interested in finding out more about consensus building. Building an agreement is something more than politics. It also shows up in work places, schools, and so on. I want to learn more about the proper way of making decisions on a large (national) scale.

Fuyuka SATO

current students

I’m so excited to be a member of the Faculty of Social Sciences Global Leaders Program. As a student, I am interested in problems relating to gender and mass communication. At first, I was unsure of whether I should apply for the GLP or not. However, I am glad to have taken the challenge, because I am now able to foster my English skills, to study in an enriching environment and to have friends who challenge and help each other grow. I would like to try my best and have some wonderful experiences in this program.


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Hi! My name is Erika. I was born in London and I also lived in New York for three years during elementary school. Right now, I am studying French and Spanish as additional foreign languages. My fields of interest are international sociology and psychology. I am on the track and field team and also in the basketball club here at Hitotsubashi. Travelling is also my passion. Through this program, I hope to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to try new things.


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Hi! My name is Riku. I am interested in global sociology. I have never lived overseas, but I did stay in Los Angeles for a week 2 years ago. Since then, I have been dreaming of studying in California because I loved the climate, food and beaches there, and I am also interested in its ethnic diversity. I studied Chinese last year, but I am recently interested in studying Spanish. My hobby is watching movies and playing basketball.


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Hi, I’m Rio Uehara. In addition to English, I have been studying Chinese for a year. I like traveling, and especially want to travel to Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand. At present, I’ve been to countries such as Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore. I love drawing and listening to music. I’m interested in development studies, so I hope to study abroad in the U.K., which is famous for that field.


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When you say something, how do you feel about what you say? I’m interested in languages, and want to know what you think when you use a language. In my first year at university, I took German as a second foreign language. I’d like to continue studying German as well as English, and I hope to study in Germany (but my German still needs some improving, so I’m studying hard). I have been to the U.S. and some Asian countries. I like cooking and eating, so I seek delicious food wherever I travel!


current students

I'm interested in politics, and especially would like to learn more about how a country's political systems and phenomena are affected by its social situation, economy and international relations. I have also grown interested in French culture and social issues since I started to learn French as a second foreign language. As a GLP student, I want to develop practical knowledge and capabilities through studying various disciplines.

Yoshitake YANO

current students

I'm Yoshitake Yano. You can call me “Yoshi” or “Yoshitake”. I’m from Kitakyushu-city in Fukuoka. I live in the international dorm in Kodaira, and am the assistant tutor of Language Community. Please feel free to ask me any questions if you are interested in this group. Traveling and watching English movies are my passion. I’m interested in international politics, education policy and Southeast Asian affairs. My ambition is to study in Hong-Kong University from the third year as an exchange student. After I graduate from this university, I would like to get into graduate school in Singapore and study public policy. In the future, I would like to contribute to the improvement of the relationship between Japan and Southeast Asia.