Lecture Series Behind the Scenes GLP

Behind the Scenes

Students are in charge of organizing the Japanese Studies in English Lecture Series as part of their coursework for “Planning I” and “Planning II”.

Spring & Summer Semesters 2017

In our first class, students started by brainstorming topics and themes that they were interested in hearing more about. “Gender,” “refugees,” “education,” “media,” “language,” were among the initial themes brought up, and based on further discussion we managed to whittle it down to three main topics and one overarching theme for the lecture series. The theme we decided upon is “social division” – looking at various differences and divisions that exist in Japanese society, and through examining these differences, consider how we can overcome them. The three sub-topics based on this theme are gender, rural/urban, and refugees. Students chose groups based on their interests, and got to work planning!


Gender group

Students planning the lecture about gender

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Students planning the talk about city/suburb division

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Gender group

Students planning the lecture about refugees (two members absent)

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