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Master Theses

Master Theses (2012)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
Robert E.Park and the establishment of scientific sociology : toward the efficient control of race relations
Ethical, legal and social issues of donor conception : listening to the voices of donor-conceived offspring in Japan
Defection of "second-generation believers" and the future of their alternative : secularization through reflexivity based on the life history of Japanese new religion believers' second-generation
Between two culture : the change and dynamism of the marriage among second generation of British Pakistani women
The life reconstruction process of involuntary return migrants : case study of returnees living in urban settlements in the Mexico City metropolitan area
Formation of fashion in the Victorian age : evidenced by the punch of inclusion of the servants to the fashion
Fuzokujōs and the "Whore Stigma" in the 2000s : changing sex work environment in Japan and its effects on workers' stigma management
Max Weber studies on Otsuka Hisao : Otsuka Hisao as Christian and modernist
Reconsideration of Muen-Society-Argument
A case study of the Japanese tourist gaze : Chiky? no arukikata Srilanka 1920-2011, in historical context
Catholicism in 'a secular age' : Charles Taylor's 'pluralism' and theology
Why do truck driver's overwork in retail industry arise?
The overlapping spaces : the image of the city with mobile phone
The educational theory of Japanese christian kindergarten and the educational understanding of teachers : interview research with teachers
The village depicted by the suburban community : small farmers' changing interpretations of the landscape in
Humanities and Philosophy
Reading of the contrat social by Genevans : an analysis of their correspondence with regard to its publication
Reception and adaptation of "Russian folk songs" in postwar Japan
The problem of desire in Hegel's phenomenology of spirit
Reification in "Dialectic of enlightenment"
The dynamism in Schelling's Allgemeine Deduction des dynamischen Processes : three moments of
A study of grammaticalized "nja:N" in Miyako dialects
The natural goodness of man in Rousseau's thought
Human Practice
Study enthusiasm of soccer supporter's group : exploratory study from qualitative research
The influence of the threat of crimes on priorities of informational cues of sentencing decisions
East of the ring, West of the audit the way of order in sumo with focusing of the concept of accountability
Pious Muslims and "modernity" : anthropology of Islam as criticism of secularism
Toward animistic biology rethinking nature/culture through the historical change of anthropomorphism
How newspapers reported the head of Osaka and Aichi? : by case studies of the text analysis of newspaper editorials
The socio-economic change of transaction in Ghanaian fishery : a case of Cape Coast and the surrounding town
Does everyday political talk contribute to a better democracy? : the stratified effects of everyday political talk on political consciousness and behavior of the Japanese electorate
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
The study of "Keisetu jidai" : by focusing on the turning point in the late 1950's
Pre-World War II oil politcies of Japan : the formation of the national reguratory system and the preparation of the fuel for the World War II
The compatibility with general education and vocational education in Japanese junior college : focuses on the significance of divergence according to service-learning participants
Teacher strategy for keeping classroom order : focusing on teacher's
Historical treatise on Sanrizuka conflict : support influence and the
The history of American football in Japan before the end of the World War II
University career center and student employment aspiration : focusing on jobhunting process in the university of subordinate rank
The war for "revival of the original region in Japan" : the organization and mobilization of people in Miyazaki Prefeture during the fifteen years war
An ethnic education of Chinese school in Japan : an analysis of textbooks in Yokohama Yamate Chinese School after World War II
Policy Management Studies
Social significance of inclusion : from exclusion to inclusion in school education
Changes in the social consensus on the treatment of the elderly : a demonstrative study on the treatment of the elderly between 1945 and 1968
The actual state of wages of care workers and the matching of the personal management
Annual paid vacations of full-time employees : from the feature tasks and individualities
Hospital bed ownership by the practicing physicians in postwar Japan
Suicide in later life in Japan
An empirical study on "contract" "assignment" and "operation" among IT-workers : with focus on work duties during the downstream process in the information technology services industry
Labour management of foreign white-collar employees in Japanese companies : forcusing on
Study on autonomous association in urban of China : case studies of communities in Beijing
Studies in Social History
Gu Jiegang's views on the Chinese nation of the late 1930s
The relationship between memories of war and war reparations on Guam : focusing on perspectives of the indigenous Chamorros
Empirical studies of Fujisan-oshi in early modern
Men of the Shimokobe family
Industrial workers in philanthropy in the late nineteenth century : the young men's Christian association's railroad work in Cleveland, Ohio
The Chinatown relocation plan in 1906 San Francisco
Agricultural workers and village society in modern Northeast China
A base study on the Shogun's marchal of the rite in the late Tokugawa period : mainly based on the journals writing ba Aoyama Yukishige and Makino Tokishige in 1840
The modern era of Japan seen from the point of idolization of Meizen Kinpara
Social welfare in the county of Buquoy in the 18th century South Bohemia : case study of
The American Red Cross snd "nurses" : forcusing on the Worrd War I era
Local preservation societies of historical remains in colonial Korea : forcusing on the Gyeongju Historical Remains Preservation Society
Research over the living former Meiji samurai clan Matsushiro : forcusing on steward Shigemi Yoda of Sanadake
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
International aid in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict : an analysis of its purpose and process
A study of breast-feeding support system
To leave in the zone of nuclear weapon tests : a survey based on testimonies of the residents in Semipalatinsk-Kazakhstan
Defining America and Americans : from the legal boundories of American citizenship
Trimming the memories of the coconuts trees : a momoir of Korean in northern islands of the Marianas under the Japanese rule
A life of the Japanese expatriate wives : featuring the methods of how wives draw their lifemaps by uncovering the whole picture and reality
Study about art activities in public space "practice of art project in the city"
Hacker culture : an intellectual history of the information environment
Consequences of U.S. Iraq war deserters who became refugees in Canada
On the field of music crossing dance : club and dance party
The role of adult learning in lifelong learning society : focused on folkeh?jskolerne in Denmark
The structure of damage of evacuation directed municipality caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
Filmmaking as a children's activity : improving the conditions and effectiveness of children's study
Just the way "stranger" are : cace studies of super handicapped pro-wresthling

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