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Master Theses

Master Theses (2007)

Institute for the Study of Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation
Position and influences of nurse in reproductive technology
The norm of life in the poor relief system of prewar Japan
Logic of "Help leper movement" and its eugenic humanism in Japan during the pre-war period
Toward the relevant issues and the solutions on "contemporary Buddhism and women" : a case study of "the Buddhist women's network of Tokai and Kanto areas"
Spaces in the conjuncture/the conjunction of places : a spacegraphy of shukaijo in suburban public housing
Dilemma that "new comer" children have and Japanese school : "freedom" and "encounter" of "new comer" children in "new comer" children support group
Change of discourse around Ainu : from the perspective of relationship with nature
Welfare theory of L. T. Hobhouse : the new liberalism, sociology, and ethics
Identity of ethnic minority children and multicultural education : the case study in multicultural school
The maternalistic suburb : a historical approach of suburban consensus formation in the post-war Tokyo
Social exclusion and the "community of experience" : a reflection on sociological analysis of the November 2005 riots in the French suburbs
The history of life surrounded by the dam project : listening to the experiences of time
Sociology of inaka-gurashi
Humanities and Philosophy
Derrida, signe and écriture
Place and Alfred Schutz's life-world
Cognition of the modern bourgeois society in Hegel's system of ethical life : design of the organic community through labor and mutual recognition
The actions against literature in second French empire
Marx's materialism as method
About discourse on the origin of inequality : Rousseau and his competitors
The development and problems of organic farming in Japan : from the standpoint of the eating well for optimum health
Human Practice
Rethinking the cargo system
Presence and community
Household food provisionning and women's autonomy : a case of Gambian women
Conflicts on community-based natural resource management : case studies of Ghana forest conservation project
The more competent a person is, the colder is he? : dynamic relationship between competence and warmth in envious stereotype group members
Managing the inconsistency of ideology : a reconstruction of Michael Billig's 'Rhetorical psychology'
Belief as action : case studies of conservative evangelical in the United States
Being a person, being an object : a case study of 'seku-kyaba' workers
Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development
Embracing local community with bunko
Conservative and progressive thought in postwar Japan : mainly about the theory of peace in intellectuals
How the peace movement in 1960's developed an awaness of poritical oppression ideolgy
Succession and generativity in women's labor and child-rearing in agricultural communities : the life histories of a woman born in the 1920s and her daughter
Social integration in Uzbekistan an analysis on the textbook "constitution"
The picture of the emperor and the imperial family : focusing on the power relationship between the government offices concerned and the mass media over the permission to take a picture of them
A case study of career formation in Amami islands during 1930-1940s : focusing circumstances of family, community, and wartime
What makes promoting "international" communications in child-rearing? : a case study of "drop in"
Identity project : dynamics of inter-student relation through image strategy
The forming process of college student's motive for a career choice : focusing integration of self-narratives
The change of the role of school in Germany : case studies of "full-day schools" in Bremen
nternationalization of Japanese higher education from the analyze of the strategy to accept foreign students
A preface to stake theory : reconfiguration of a stake concept, and theoretical consideration about the function of a stake
The administration and the governance of the university in cooperation with students, staff, and professors
The enshrinement services of Yasukuni shrine : collaboration with the nation and Yasukuni's dilemma
On the Chinese "one-child policy" causing differences between generations : an oral history of a first generation only child and their mother, in Beijing
The labor policy in the period of the yusin regime of Park Chung-hee : focus on the special measure law for national security
The sport policy and sport movement in France : rupture and continuity
Policy Management Studies
Support system for caretakers at home in broader-based local government : improvement proposal for a more effective way to provide information and review administraion system to meet the needs of caretakers
Bipolarization of self-employed people and medium and small-sized business after the collapse of bubble economy in Japan
Postwar Japanese tendency to be away from marriage and its causes, change of women's labor and a view of marriage
Communication skills of home care workers : improving competence of home care workers and clients' quality of life
Studies in Social History
The New nativism in the United States : immigration restrictionist's involvement in environmental movement
Political mission and cultural activity of Strasbourg bishop, Armand-Gaston de Rohan : 1704-1749
Development of struggle against base and consciousness seeking peace : citizens and "logics to oppose base" in Sunagawa struggle
The Japan Blind Library During The Second World War
Wealthy farmer's narration of history, village and regional society in the second half early modern Simousa : Ebihara Nagahiko and his writing of "Ryufukujimura-Kongenki"
Women's peace movement in American society : women strike for peace in 1961-1972
Florence, the town of towers : city elites in late medieval italy
The politics of marriage in the reconstruction America : the doctrine of free love in Victoria Woodhull
Exchange ships : its historical development and the returners' experiences
Tachikawa U. S. bases and the local community : cleaning movement targeted at "panpan"
Institute for the Study of Global Issues
The challenges of Japan's international non governmental organizations : from the view point of fundraising
Fashion freak's journey : searching for the betweeness
Social position and experience of factory workers in Jakarta metropolitan area
Islamic reform movement in contemporary Turkey
Ethnicity of the Muslims in Sri Lanka
Integration of Filipinas in Japan to care labor market : gender positions of immigrant women in family and market
Consideration on the social position of "private" issues : excluded life story of the fisherman in Isahaya
An analysis of current issues concerning cultural heritage conservation in Angkor
The impact of peacebuilding on local communities in post-conflict Cambodia : case studies of reintegration of refugees and ex-combatants
Consideration for retailer of second hand clothing in Kenya : case study of Gikonba market in Nirobi
An Introduction to Infantile Anthropology (*)
Illegal Aliens and "Nationality" in Japan in the 1980s and 1990s (*)
Background and Development of Branding: Case Studies of Sensorial Branding and Asian Branding (*)
The Okinawan-Filipino as Postcolonials: Their Identity Vis-a-vis the U.S. Bases and Okinawan Society (*)

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