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Doctoral Theses

Doctoral Theses (2009)

Each title is linked to the thesis abstract in Japanese.

OI, YukiSociology of the border and the transborder : revisiting the late nineteenth-century Chinese migrants in the United States as an analytic borderland
HONDA, YoshikatsuOn the pedagogic discourse of association of mathematical instruction on the 1950s and 1960s
AOKI, Shin Sounds, people, coming and going : music and U.S. military bases in postwar Japan 1945-58
MORIWAKI, Takahiro Transformation of fishing villages and fisheries regime in Japan during the 1950s
TACHIBANA, Chihaya An analysis of verses in the "Dun-huang bian-wen"
CUI, MeihuaMedia and polity reforms in contemporary China
WuqiriletuThe policies of modernization and the transition of qigong in China
YAMAOKA, Kenjiro Friendship with refugee : refugee protection regime built in the cold war
CAMPOAMOR, Gonzalo ⅡFailures and legacies of Japanese propaganda in the sōryokusen war of ideas
ISHII, Takeshi-
NAKAMURA, Tetsuya Modern Japanese student baseball in secondary and higher education : a historical study on self-government of sports
AOKI, Kyoko-
UKAI, Takefumi The becoming of popular sovereignty : John Locke's theorisation of modern society
KUROSAWA, Nobuaki-
SHIRAI, SatoshiThe political thoughts of Lenin : toward comparative inquiries of ideas
KOBAYASHI, SomeiHistory of communication censorship in Korea
SUTO, Takaya Kierkegaard and "Christendom"
MISONO, Keisuke Jansenism and anti-jansenism : religion and politics in early modern France
TAKAYAMA, Tomoki Resources of hope : life and thought of Raymond Williams
OTAKA, Shunichiro The abolishing movement against buraku-discrimination in the region where the Suiheisha had not been organized : a case of Kanagawaken-Seiwakai
AKASHI, Hideto Marx's theory of ideology and hegemony
JIA, Yi MengAnalysis on China's foreign economic policy-making process : case study of the negotiation of China's accession to the GATT/WTO
IMAI, NarumiThe Chinese capitalists at wartime Shanghai : changing the economic fabric and groping for Sino-Japanese relations
BAE, Youngmi A study on Korean students in the imperial Japan during the 1920's : Korean students ・ the governor-general of Korea ・ "sponsoring" organizations
SATO, Yoshihiro A study on architects' cultural activities in urban society : Sousha kenchikukai in the interwar period
NAKAMURA, SingoCharacteristics and changes of fishing villages in early modern Japan
MINAMI, Shuhei Bonds, boundaries from the viewpoint of dairy life and labor : the social history of the construction workers in New York City since World War II
CHONG, Yong-HwanA historical study on the Koreans in Japan after 'liberation' of Korea : 1945-1950
SASAKI, Ayako "Trafficking in persons" in the United States : tracing changes in the narrative reality
MIYAMOTO, Keiko The public use of reason in the last stage of the German enlightenment
Cheng Chua , Karl Ian UyGaijin : cultural representations through Manga, 1930's-1950's

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