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Doctoral Theses

Doctoral Theses (2008)

Each title is linked to the thesis abstract in Japanese.

MARTCHEV, MilenPhrasal analysis of untagged corpora : online conversation and written language
NAKAMURA, YutakaCommunity in crisis : language and action among African-American muslims in harlem
FUKUZAWA, Tetsuzo"Gono"(rich farmers) and local men of influence in religions society during the ninetieth century
OGURA, SoichiroConflict over pregnancy : German law, social practice and bioethics on abortion
YAMAGUCHI, HibikiThe politics of criminal justice and the treatment of offenders : 1938-1973
OKUMURA, IkueEducational problems of Indian working class families in Malaysia : a role played by images in maintenance of order
SUZUKI, ErikoMale irregular workers staying in Japan for a long time
KIM, SunghyaeA study on Choseon Kojong's rule during the early years of his reign
CHEN, JiA study of Japan-China fisheries agreement
HARA, MasatoA study of modern Chinese intellectuals : thought and activities of "yanjiuxi (the research clique)", 1912-1929
IWASAKI, Sayako"DAWA" : an ethnography of the medical and political use of "medicine" among the peoples of the Tanzanian coast
TANAKA, MasaeThe construction of the life story to connect now with before a thing of a border violation : the recovery of the child of the new member of possibility of the young person Japanese education
SAKAI, HiromiThe foreign relations of Korea after the port-opening: 1876-1884 : the ministry of foreign affairs (tongri gyoseop tongsang samu amun) and policies toward Qing
FENG, LeiChanges of the concept of the space 20th century and its meanings : from the perspective of anthropological philosophy
GUNJI, Terumi The formation of "constellation of practices" involving the children of "Japanese-Brazilians"
TANAKA, KeiArt politics and public under the old regime : D'Angiviller, directer general of royal buildings, and the idea of creating the Louvre museum
SAGAWA, Yoshiyuki A sociological analysis of private support group for school non-attenders : research on free school movement in Japan
KWON, JaokRural development and gender in South Korea : the interface between the state, women's movements and rural women in the 1960-1970s
SATO, Akira Modernity in a "cocoa republic" : governing association and integrative revolution in Côte D'Ivoire
TODAKA, Nana Sociological analysis of self-injury : from the perspectives of addiction and communication resources
WINCHESTER, MarkA history of modern & contemporary Ainu thought : with a focus on the writings of Masao Sasaki
TANAKA, Hiroshi-

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