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Doctoral Theses

Doctoral Theses (2007)

Each title is linked to the thesis abstract in Japanese.

KOSEKI, Takashi-
YAN, NiConnection and conflict of JAPAN-SINO movie during WW2-an exploration of history
LEE, Seung JunThe critic of governmental rationality by Michel Foucault:The analysis of Pastorat,Raison d`Etat and Liberalism
SATO, Hiroyuki-
MIHARA, Reiko Inter-religious education in a muliticultural society a comparative study of Islamic education in the Netherlands and Belgium
LI, Hai YanThe historical forormation of Korean-Chinese:during the early establishment of the people's republic of China, 1945-1955
OGAWA, KazunariThe legitimacy of Tokugawa Japan and "BOKUMIN NO SYO"
FUKUSHI, YukiThe development of the public health service in Modern Shanghai: Focus on the provisions against epidemics
IGARASHI, MotokoThe logic of educational plactice
KOSEKI, YuichiroPolitical reform and subject formation of reformers in Feudal domains
GENJIDA, Kenichi The roles of the self in the social support process: A sociometer theorty perspective
SUGITANI, Yoko The study of communicating intentions and emotions via computers: The role of nonverbal cues on message
DAI, WenjieThe relationship among Confuclanism,Shintoism and military science in Japanese thought during the EDO period
MIZUNO, SusumuStudies on characteristics of pedagogical practices in Japanese part-time high schools' lessons:Through B.Bernstein's pedagogical theory
YAMAGUCHI, Hiroko A social-anthropological study of historical narratives in Buton society, Indonesia
YAMAMOTO, Koutoku Historical development of the statedesign conception in modern Japanese emperorsystem
SUGIMOTO, Takashi A study of the Fetishism and the history of religious thought in French Modern times: CH.DE BROSSES, B.CONSTANT and A.COMTE

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